Dehumanizing // RJ Lewis Photography

Dehumanize is defined as depriving of positive human qualities. Makes you think how often we do this to others on a

Flying with Grandma and Grandpa | RJ Lewis Photography

This past weekend we finally got out of New York for a few days and spent it in CT to celebrate the wife’s

Innocent and Vulnerable | RJ Lewis Photography

As we get older we gain life experience and we begin to mold into who we are today. We use those experiences to develop

Sex, Power, Secrets… | RJ Lewis Photography

You never know what you will capture, unless you hit the shutter. From time to time I can get tired of shooting the same

Breaking Out and Wanting the Best | RJ Lewis Photography

Yesterday I posted a Facebook Status, which read, “Tomorrow I am going to have a very important blog post for actors

“My Friend Took My Headshots” RED FLAG!!! | RJ Lewis Photography

Lately I have been having many Headshot Consultations and there seems to be a repeat problem I have been noticing, which